System.out.println() shortcut on Intellij IDEA

We Are Going To Discuss About System.out.println() shortcut on Intellij IDEA. So lets Start this Java Article.

System.out.println() shortcut on Intellij IDEA

  1. System.out.println() shortcut on Intellij IDEA

  2. System.out.println() shortcut on Intellij IDEA

Solution 1

In Idea 17eap:

sout: Prints


soutm: Prints current class and method names to System.out


soutp: Prints method parameter names and values to System.out


soutv: Prints a value to System.out

System.out.println("$EXPR_COPY$ = " + $EXPR$);

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Solution 2

Yeah, you can do it. Just open Settings -> Live Templates. Create new one with syso as abbreviation and System.out.println($END$); as Template text.

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Solution 3

If you want to know all the shortcut in intellij hit Ctrl + J. This shows all the shortcuts. For System.out.println() type sout and press Tab.

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Solution 4

Open up Settings (By default is Alt + Ctrl + S) and search for Live Templates. In the upper part there’s an option that says “By default expand with TAB” (TAB is the default), choose “Custom” and then hit “change” and add the keymap “ctrl+spacebar” to the option “Expand Live Template/Emmet Abbreviation”.

Now you can hit ctrl + spacebar and expand the live templates. Now, to change it to “syso” instead of “sout”, in the Live Templates option, theres a list of tons of options checked, go to “other” and expand it, there you wil find “sout”, just rename it to “syso” and hit aply.

Hope this can help you.

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